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La Chica’s Puts Women at the Centre of their Designs

Local brand La Chica’s crafts each collection to portray a different type of female character, and their latest Spanish-inspired collection depicts the powerful confidence of a bold, seductive woman.

Women-focused and women-run, local brand La Chica’s is putting female personalities at the forefront of their designs. The brand’s slogan is ‘no chica left behind,’ and this translates into their designs almost literally. Each collection is inspired by a different imagined personality, each of which serves as designer Cherine El Chami’s portal to depict every kind of woman in her collections.

“For me, women can achieve anything," El Chami told CairoScene. "My focus is to highlight every girl’s personality, because women will always be my inspiration. I had this dream when I was 12-years-old, but somewhere along life I had forgotten it and chose to study management, which to me was a safe option. It wasn’t until second year that I realized that I needed to pursue my dream again.”

After taking multiple fashion design courses alongside university, the young designer was able to start her pursuit in the industry. The brand launched in December 2019, and their newest collection and first summer line is heavily-inspired by Spanish influences. Carrying a flamenco-like air about them, their latest line of dresses and co-ord sets represents its own female character. “I wanted it to be Spanish-inspired resort wear," El Chami told CairoScene. "This collection represents a bold, seductive woman who can still be understated and modest in how she carries herself."

If you’re in the mood to channel Granada vibes this summer season, the collection is now available on and