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Le Garage: Merghany's Newest High-End Fashion Retailer

Bringing a certain level of edge to the mean streets of Heliopolis, Le Garage has all your high-end fashion needs.

"No begad, I was sooo embarrassed! Ana 2olt ma7adesh hay-notice that I wore this shirt twice but OHMYGAWD, they did! Lazem anzel Paris begad for some shopping bas daddy told me no because like scary attacks and like, ugh... Begad 3ayza the new MCQ skirt!"

How many times have you found yourself stuck in that position before? Never? Yeah, neither have we. We wish we had those kinds of problems, though; Paris is always a good idea. Apparently this is an actual problem, though. Taking its name from the concept of garage sales and giving it an oh-so-luxurious twist, Le Garage just opened in 2015 but has been able to generate a lot of hype with over 80 thousand likes on Facebook. Standing tall on Merghany Street in Heliopolis, the petite store offers high-end brands ranging from Dolce & Gabbana, Emilio Pucci, PRADA, GUCCI, Alexander McQueen, Valentino and much more. 

Offering clothes for both men and women, Le Garage just introduced their latest Fall/Winter collection and it's giving us instant edgy vibes that we love instead of the dull, gloomy winter pullovers we're used to. You may have missed their Black Friday sale last week, but Le Garage isn't disappointing as it continues to have a 50 per cent sale. 

Check out their Facebook Here and Instagram Here.