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Local Babywear Brand Caico Cotton Releases Reusable Egyptian Cotton Masks

By using Egyptian cotton for Caico Cotton's medical masks, our environment and our pockets feel a lot better.

caico cotton

While some industries and sectors have found opportunities to adjust and operate amidst the Corona crisis, it’s the local fashion industry that has really surprised us with its response. Not only are many labels taking measures to look after their own and even making donations to those in need, but one Egyptian brand is making efforts to protect our little ones, while doing the environment some good, too.

The brand in question is Caico Cotton, a baby-wear specialist that has released affordable, environmentally-friendly, reusable masks, made out of 100% organic Egyptian cotton. “We thought it would be a good idea to make masks for people who are unable to pay for a new disposable mask every day,” co-founder, Rasha Abdelwahab, told CairoScene of the masks, which also come in an adult-size. “This way it is more eco-friendly and affordable.”

The double-layered mask can be easily washed and is gentle on the skin in order to avoid irritation as a result of constant friction.The adult size is available at EG 35 per piece, while the child size is EGO 30 plus shipping. If you want to protect yourself and your family from possible infection, while still being kind to the environment and your skin, then look no further.

You can find out more on Caico Cotton’s Instagram profile.

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