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Local Fanny Pack Brands That We're a Fan Of

Whether you're a minimalist Pinterest queen, a YSL fan, or obsessed with afro prints, we've got you covered.

A fan of fanny packs? Puns aside, we’ve got you covered with a list of belt bags and fanny packs everyone needs, period.

Multi-use Belt Bag in Olive Green |

For our minimalist Pinterest queens, Minilet’s multi-use belt bag is a guaranteed staple amongst your everyday wardrobe. You can never go wrong with dark green leather hues embellished in silver hardware can you?

The Classic Candy Fanny Pack | @upfuse

Up-Fuse’s Candy fanny packs are a sight for sore eyes. Fun-patterns and durable straps with a zero-waste (and guilt-free) philosophy, this bag is perfect for environmentally conscious indie kids.

The Rolling Stone Fanny Pack | @manoyaofficial

We’ve got the silver hardware queens covered so surely we had to bring in something gold for the Instagram, match at 5:00 am girls, no? The Rolling Stone fanny pack by Manoya is the pop of colour you need to keep you going in your productive pursuits.

Wallet on a Chain | @okhtein

Some might call this one a stretch but to us, there’s something undeniably irresistible about carrying a wallet as a purse. We’re not talking outdated 2011 wristlets, we’re talking YSL chain wallets, we’re talking the Okhtein ‘Wallet on a Chain’.

Camo Fanny Pack | @bypavo

Don’t worry boys, we cannot forget about you. Pavo is pretty exceptional when it comes to androgynous and masculine renditions of everyday staples and this camo fanny pack is no exception.

Canvas Waist Bag |

Would this list be comprehensive in the slightest if a summer-appropriate fanny was not brought into the equation? Notch’s Canvas Waist Bag comes in a demure neutral palette, perfect for those summery white co-ords and the strappy beach bikinis. 

African Print Fanny Pack | @amnaabdelrahmanelshandaweely

Amna AbdelDayem’s African print fanny packs pay homage to the designer’s own Nubian heritage through bold prints, and owning one can only be described as cultural appreciation.