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Local Fashion Brand Mia Invokes the Elegance of the Mediterranian through Bold Design

Local clothing brand, Mia, is entirely inspired by the vibrancies of Spanish culture to create bold, elegant pieces specifically for edgy women.

Inspired by Andalusia and that sharp Spanish flair, local fashion brand Mia Clothing imports the vibrancy of Mediterranean Europe into the wardrobes of the Cairene woman looking to make tracks with high stiletto heels.  “I make my pieces for edgy women," designer Mariam Ramadan tells #CairoScene. "Even if they’re basics, they will still have a Mia stamp on them, there needs to be a daring component.”

After studying fashion in Dubai, Ramadan wanted to create a brand in Egypt that would be able to stand on its own, separate from her own identity as a designer. “It's an independent brand," Ramadan says. "It’s not about me. I want people to know Mia for what it is."

The clothing brand doesn’t care to release products that others would consider 'practical', and disregards complacency through plain broad appeal. Laying low really isn’t the point. “I’m not looking to enter a mass market, I am catering to a niche and I’m happy with that,” Ramadan says.

The brand has primarily worked on ready-to-wear and street style pieces, but their latest collection features all-new evening wear designs, just in time for the wedding season. To shop, visit

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Date: 11/24/2020
Time: 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Venue: Goethe Institute