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Local Label Kerrat's Coast Collection Reimagines Cult Classic Cut Outs

Kerrat is the ‘private boarding school girl turned Ivy League pedagogue’ clothing brands, in the best way possible of course.

If you’re having your summertime moment in some deluxe seaside town like El Gouna, may we suggest taking a gander at local label Kerrat, whose selection is perfectly in line with your bad and boujee aesthetic. A riff on founder Nariman Tarek’s surname, Kerrat is the ‘private boarding school girl turned Ivy League pedagogue’ equivalent of a clothing brand.

“I like to describe my design process as eclectic; I don’t like keeping myself in a box,” founder Nariman Tarek tells SceneStyled. “I get inspired by many different things around me and I allow my inspiration and instincts to lead me. Once I have all the details established I hand sketch every design.”

Their Coast Collection - their most recent drop - is akin to Amal Clooney and Anna Hathaway boarding their Côte D’Azur yachts and marinating in Ulta MD’s finest sunscreen whilst also sipping mimosas out on the sun deck. Their effortless trousers elevate the traditional corporate aesthetic to accommodate for that current wave of easy breezy covergirl clothing pieces plaguing highstreet stores.

You can now shop the collection and more fun and flirty looks at their store at District xix, Walk of Cairo.