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Lonro: When London and Cairo Make Fashion Statements Together

With perfected British tailoring from London, and a lifelong love for Egyptian heritage and the beautifully chaotic city that is Cairo, you get a name like Lonro and what follows is sartorial elegance at its finest.

It's not uncommon to find design houses and fashion lines that bring together various ideas and influences to embody their identity and experiences in the work they produce. Now, when you have two childhood friends from two different backgrounds, who came together to create something that reflects all their experience and knowledge, like J. Lynton from London and M. Imam from Cairo, you end up with fashion brand Lonro, making contemporary womenswear.
We spoke to Imam, the Egyptian co-founder who told CairoScene, "Both of us have lived and had progressive growth within luxury brands in London hence our homage to the city. As for Cairo, that's a deep love affair on my behalf with my birthplace. I feel the beauty within our culture should be celebrated." The line features gorgeous designs that truly carry a Cairene and Egyptian touch, as Imam points out, "You'll find it in the midi abaya – the draping and loose fit of this piece is taken from the relaxed cut of galabeyas and abayas. Moreover, our Sara coat has a signature cut-out curved pocket. This is taken from the geometry found in arabesque pieces I used to marvel at as a little girl in Khan El Khalili workshops."

As for the London part of it, it's all about the keenness on details, and the fact that for centuries, British tailoring has been known for its superb fabric quality, and its premier darts and hems. "In London, there is an area called Mayfair which houses a special renowned street called Savile Row, which throughout history had the best tailors in England. The city of London itself holds so much influence in terms of the medium of fashion, and we both owe London so much in terms of our education, careers, and experiences within the fashion industry," Imam continues.

Their current focus falls on womenswear, and it does so because the founders believe in the versatality of it, but also, the Egyptian heritage's complementing of the female frame. Moreover, Imam elaborates, "The line is designed to empower women regardless of their role in society. All pieces are dynamic to fit all lifestyles." Lonro plans to expand their line to menswear, and children's wear as well in the future.For now, the line will soon be available on their E-boutique – sometime this year. But, Imam suggests people keep looking out for the secret signature piece that will be available for pre-order very soon. She says, "People will have to follow the journey!"

Check out their their Instagram @lonro_fashion.