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MYG Designs: A Bohemian Take on the Traditional

MYG Designs have just hit the city and are taking it by storm with their whimsical, fun accessories that are equal parts bohemian and oriental.

The fashionable products of passion and artistic talents are always the best. This is why MYG, a new brand that's already making waves across the city, has pieces that complete day and night outfits of fashionistas and accessory lovers who like some intricacy and a piece of artwork to go along with their wardrobe.

MYG products are all handmade, with the finest of intricate details that only a person with an eye for design will notice, but that everyone will appreciate. Their style is mostly boho-chic, summer inspired, but injected with a hearty dose of oriental magic, and gives your outfits a lot soul and abundant beauty that is truly hard to capture and put into fashion items. They are funky, fun, and radiate with irresistible magic. 

They design bohemian-inspired sandals, creatively pattered totes and beach clutches. They even brought gladiators back on to the fashion scene, as well as beach hats with a colourful addition of their trademark tribal designs. 

Stay updated with their latest releases through their Instagram account.