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Maison Saedi's New Climate Inspired Collection is Ice Hot

In response to the ever-growing climate crisis that threatens to engulf the Earth, Maison Saedi's new collection, Terra, embodies the natural qualities of ice and fire.

With the reality that the fast fashion industry is one of the most environmentally detrimental in the world, the role of fashion designers is now more than ever under the microscope. “Humans are using the same methods that are the reason behind the destruction of the only environment they have, without thinking or avoiding its consequences,” founder and designer behind Maison Saedi, Ahmed Saedi, tells SceneStyled. “We need to ask when we can take a step towards tackling this before the worst happens.”


Such is the motivation behind his pret-a-porter brand’s new collection, Terra, which takes its inspiration from climate change and the disastrous ‘Eye of Fire’ gas pipeline rupture in Mexico in July 2021. The collection embodies an almost extraterrestrial beauty, drawing from the most dangerous and most intoxicating natural elements: fire and ice.


The theme of chaos, or rather the dark side of humanity, isn’t only addressed through the violence mankind inflicts upon Mother Nature, but the violence mankind inflicts upon themselves as well. In their visual campaign, Maison Saedi places destroyed cities and rubble as the backdrop to their couture designs, perfectly juxtaposing the tailored beauty of his gowns with the disarray behind them.


As for the pieces themselves, they adopt solid colours and flowing structures to emulate the fluidity with which nature operates. From bellowing, inflated sleeves that resemble tulips, to draping white skirts that would blend seamlessly into rapidly flowing water, Saedi’s designs melt into nature’s silhouettes rather than stand against it - a philosophy humanity should try to adopt more often.