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Massive Jewellery Fair Set to Hit Cairo for the First Time Ever

Just in time for Valentine's Day, JWF (Jewellery and Watches Fair) is smothering our loved ones with all things shiny and pretty. Also dazzling us will be the stunning Amina Khalil, Eman El Assi, Tara Emad, and Zayneb Azzam.

V-day is almost here and we can already sense the dreaded groans radiating through the computer screen as men nationwide set into panic mode; what on earth are you supposed to get your girlfriend? She hated those fuzzy Family Man slippers you got her last year, which you thought were a perfectly good gift because they were funny and functional. She clearly didn't feel the same way, judging by how she didn't speak to you for a week and then sent you a video of her burning them. But fret not, this year, you will not suffer the same rage, as from the 9th to the 11th of February, Gemini Communications and Katameya Jewellery and Luxury Watches Fair (JWF) are showcasing Egypt’s biggest and most insane dazzling mix of diamonds, pearls, gold, high end watches, limited edition collectibles, objects d’art, and more in the beautifully designed landscapes of Katameya Heights. 

Shop ALL the shiny, pretty things, from massive international brands to up-and-coming local jewellery designers who will exhibit everything from antique inspired pieces to modern bridal jewellery. Between all the glittery baubles, if you're a guy then there's definitely something that will make up for the great gift fiasco of 2016 and ensure that you're on your girlfriend's good side come Valentine's Day 2017. To all the women out there, you should hit up this fair regardless of any holidays because there is really never a bad time to buy jewellery. Ever. 
And as if this mammoth jewellery fair weren’t appealing enough, Grand Hotel starlet Amina Khalil will be appearing as a guest of honour, as well as gorgeous actresses Eman El Assi and Tara Emad and model Zayneb Azzam. We could make a joke about what will shine brighter, the jewellery or the starlets, but we won't.

Find out more on the glamorous event here.

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