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Meet The Muslim Lolitas!

Fusing a Japanese subculture with their own traditional Muslim-dress, the Hijabi Lolita is causing some serious waves.

For those of you who don’t know, the term Lolita refers to a fashion subculture originating in 1980s Japan and is based on Victorian-era clothing while emphasising looking cute and elegant with a child-like nature, rather than looking sexy. Lolita flairs of fashion range from Sweet Lolita to Gothic Lolita to Kodona, Aristocrat and so on. However a new trend is emerging and stirring up a storm across the internet; welcome aboard, Muslim Lolita!

Thanks to pioneering Muslim fashionistas, Alyssa from the USA and Noor from the U.K, the new trend has already attracted a load of admirers from all over the world, especially from the Lolita community rather than the Muslim community. Their Hijabi-Lolita mash-up has been as controversial as it is inspirational (to some).