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Bejewka: The New Lebanese Jewellery Brand Turning Heads in Egypt

Whether we like to admit it or not, our Lebanese brothers and sisters sure do know style.

Bejewka Jewellery

We at CairoScene are always the first to toot the horns of the tens of Egyptian designers emerging every month, but we can't help but have a soft spot for our Lebanese brethren when it comes to fashion and jewellery, because, well, they're just 'good at it'. For proof, look no further than one of the newest brands to cross onto Egyptian lands, Bejewka, which we spotted at the latest Fashion Funds event in Cairo.

Founded by Karl Nakhal, Bejewka the jewellery house focuses on creating reasonably-priced, high-quality, hand-crafted 18K gold pieces that blend pearls and various gem stones such as sapphire in an awe-inspiring fusion of texture, color and elegance - and its available to order in Cairo via Instagram.

While its currently manufactured and designed in Beirut, Nakhal aims to bring the design and manufacturing process onto Egyptian soil, as well through collaborative workshops.

Nakhal comes from a family line of jewelry designers, make Bejewka is essentially a continuation of a longstanding family business, its presence in the market is a few months old but we can already tell they have a prominent and unique design story that sets them apart.

Their designs are inspired by the organic motions of nature, with each piece flowing rather effortlessly with your style, whether you're dressed up or dressed down, the ever so delicately designed pieces capture a form of ethereal and graceful tenderness that we can only find in mother nature.

We're truly living for the beaut of a coil ring blending pearl and different precious stones or the stunning turquoise and pearl bracelet!
Their pieces start at EGP 1500 and above, which sounds awfully reasonable considering how visually appealing and well crafted they are.

Each piece can be layered with such fluency and ease with different attires, styles and jewelry pieces, complimenting your own personal style while giving you that unique edge you're yearning for.

Stay up to date with Bejewka on Instagram.