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Miriam Nazmy Designs is Set to be the Next Big Player in the Egyptian Fashion Scene

The designer’s theatrical 3D dresses with construction are making a boldly beautiful statement.

We can’t pump the breaks on weddings in Egypt, it seems that everyone we’ve ever met (and their cousin, friend, dog, camel) is getting hitched. We’re not complaining, it’s great to share in on people’s happiness but our wardrobes can’t keep up. The worst part is, we don’t even know where to look to find the perfect dress, other than our best friend’s closet which doesn’t necessarily always work.

Miriam Nazmy Designs, a brand new ready-to-wear soiree and cocktail dresses label is spoiling us for choice with luxurious, daring options. The brand is bringing heaps of tulle, 3D embroidery, and intense embellishments to our closets with bold theatrical show-stopping pieces. “The theme of the collection is black and gold. The colour combination is as striking as I intend every dress to be,” tells us Miriam Nazmy, founder of her eponymous brand.

The dresses fuse both vintage and modern elements, from its styling to its textured material and subtle cut-outs. “People always ask me what my inspiration is and I never know how to answer – it’s not like I sit on the beach and see dresses appearing out of the sea,” laughs Nazmy. She's clearly keeping it real, in her very own way. “I buy the fabric first then sketch out the design (most people do the opposite). But I don’t let a drawing lead me, I really feel what the fabric wants me to do with it,” adds Nazmy.

From dresses that hug your curves, to flouncy cuffs, and flowy pieces that skim your knees, Miriam Nazmy’s opulent dresses stand out from the rest. Check out her new collection here