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Miss Alexandria Returns After Hiatus and Crowns a New Queen

Apparently, the Miss Alexandria pageant has been running since the 1950s but took a brief break before crowning Marian Fouad last weekend.

We will be honest. We had no idea that Egypt crowns a Miss Alexandria, but that is exactly what happened on Saturday, when Marian Fouad was crowned Miss Alexandria 2015.

The 22 year old Fouad managed to beat 1,500 competitors at the contest held at the Hilton Green Plaza over the weekend. Apparently, the first Miss Egypt dates back to 1929, and has had many winners go on to compete for Miss World. As for Alexandria, crowning a winner dates back 64 years, but hasn’t taken place for several years. The re-launch of this contest is an attempt to stimulate tourism to the area, while highlighting Alexandria’s historic and cultural value.

Making a comeback Miss Alexandria honours put 15 finalists through several events including a sportswear competition, an evening dress competition, and were asked to answer questions. Emerging the victor was Fouad, who graduated from the Arts Department at the University of Hamburg, Germany, and edged out her competition by winning over the jury with her beauty, intellect, and her vision of life and her future plans. The first runner up was given awarded Jura Mohamed, with second runner up honours going to Judy Mansouri and Miss Tourism Nashwa Elian.

The event drew out plenty of public figures including US, China, and British ambassadors in Alexandria, as well as former Miss England and Russia winners. By winning the crown of Miss Alexandria 2015, Fouad will now represent Egypt in the 2015 Tourism Miss World Contest.