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Miss King Collection: Nada Adel's Sultry Lingerie Line

With the fashion scene in Egypt continuing to develop, it's about time lingerie and underwear was on our radar too. Farah Karim speak to Nada Adel about her devastatingly daring designs.

The fashion scene is still flourishing with new brands, as upcoming designers try their hands at everything from sultry swimwear to unique t-shirts. But a new designer has just appeared on the shore with something bold, sexy and simply one of a kind in our society; a lingerie line. Nada Adel is taking over our feeds with her gorgeous fashion film, filled with highly detailed pieces in lace and some seriously irresistible sultry cuts, giving us a glimpse of what is yet to be launched.
With international model Rose Kennedy, cinematography by Victor Credi and directed by Egypt's very own Tameem Youness, the teaser video certainly has us itching for more.
"I love lingerie and that motivated me to share my passion with the rest of the world by making lingerie for women of Egypt, " Adel tells us about her new brand. "We offer a diverse style to what is available locally, which means there is something for everyone's liking at Nada Adel Apparel." At a surprisingly young age and having just completed MA at a British university, Adel still managed to find the time to practice her designing methods and create her first official range titled Miss King.
"The collection features garments that could be worn as both underwear or outerwear - it all depends on how a person choose to style them," she reveals. "My inspiration was triggered from the beautiful kingfisher bird, which influenced the structure of the garments, as well as the embroidery." The line is not yet officially released for purchasing, but the designer will be sharing the launch date soon and we can't wait to see more of her creations.
Stay updated with Nada Adel Apparel and keep an eye out for her newest releases through Instagram.