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Nahla El Alfy Designs: Boho Chic With an Intricate Twist

Obsession with details taken on a whole new level as Nahla El Alfy Designs achieves cutting edge looks with a bohemian feel.

Nahla El Alfy is an engineering major with a big talent, who's done the sartorially savvy across Cairo all a favour by following her heart and studying fashion design to get to where she is now. Nahla El Alfy Designs brings together top notch materials and unique prints with killer cuts, for a one-of-a-kind style.

The perfectly detailed clothes that we see take much more energy to be created than we imagine. Such art requires great passion, hard work and an eye for details. "Every piece has gone through its own process to come to life," El Alfy explains. "From brainstorming, to designing to searching for that perfect piece of fabric..."

Such strong determination and strive can only be powered by something just as strong, and El Alfy tells us the secret to where she gets her ideas comes from. "The inspiration for my designs comes from everyday beauty, artwork - in all its genres - but especially artworks that mirror life." 

The designer's gravitation towards fashion is mainly fueled by her fascination with strong, independent women, who make life their playground and dare to follow their dreams. And just like she did, pursuing her current career, El Alfy's creations speak about her love for playfulness and fierceness.


Thinking of how many factors play roles in defining a woman nowadays, El Alfy thought she might as well use the beauty of clothes to give strong yet feminine characters a fashion identity."My dream has always been to create an Egyptian contemporary brand that fulfills our ideals of timeless elegance and versatility."

 You can check the line's new SS15 collection here.