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Nebet Channels Pharaonic Flair with Ancient Egyptian Inspired Bags

Spotted on celebrities like Bushra and Arwa Gouda, and currently set at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, Nebet's bags draw on the timeless iconography of Ancient Egypt.

When we’re talking about “iconic”, you don’t get any more timeless than the shapes and symbols of Ancient Egyptian iconography. With bags designed around the ankh, or the Ancient Egyptian ‘key of life’, local brand Nebet has been putting out handbags that are truly iconic - in more ways than one. Named after Nebet, an Ancient Egyptian vizier, the brand’s first collection is designed using 100% genuine Egyptian leather and pure copper.

“Nebet is not just a fashion brand that’s backed up by history, it also shares a story about each of the pieces,” founder and creative director Marina Abdel Shahid tells SceneStyled. “Each bag comes with a genuine papyrus paper that tells the story of the symbol used in our design.”

The ankh is pretty much the centrepiece of Nebet’s bags, defining their shape all the way up to the handles and serving as the anchor (or should we say ‘ankh-or’?) for the overall design, which utilises neutral colours to add balance to the final look.

As part of their celebration of Ancient Egyptian heritage, Nebet is currently collaborating with the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC), where they are currently displaying their pieces. The bags have been spotted carried by local celebrities like Arwa Gouda and Bushra, and has been chosen by 10 Mojos as one of the top 10 successful fashion businesses of 2020.