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This New Egyptian Fashion Label is Redefining Comfortable Chic

Newly launched local brand Civilian Clothing offers glossy, high end fashion – you know the type you'd find within the pages of Vogue? Yes that.

Two of our major life obsessions? Clothes and Instagram. And what's even better? Clothes on Instagram. Instagram shopping is literally the virtual version of shoving your way through City Stars’ crowds - except way better because you can do it in bed with cookies and you won't end up with that top every girl you know also owns.

Civilian Clothing or Civvy for short, homegrown, Instagram-based brand that we fell in love with as soon as it launched. Creating fashion-forward apparel, with accessible price points (ranging from 100 EGP to 1000 EGP), Civvy’s first collection is a neat blend of edgy fashion (that you can actually wear) and casual looks. The brand incorporates fashion without sacrificing comfort; put it this way - in a Civvy outfit you’ll feel like you just walked off a fashion blogger's Instagram account.

“I believe women can use fashion to express themselves - not only on special occasions but every day. This was why I launched this brand. I wanted to created everyday clothes that are special, unique, and affordable,” brand owner Farah Abdelmalak tells us.

The trendy-driven styles and clever cuts impart a striking statement - just look at this Mosaique Jacket below, begging to be worn.

Abdelmalak also shares that Civy is looking into introducing activewear, shoes, and accessories in the future. "We want to become a fast-fashion wholesaler and our vision is to one day cater for global markets," she says. 

Check out some of Civy's collection below:

You can follow them on Instagram