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New Modelling Agency, C Town, Just Hit The City

The secret to modelling is not perfection, but uniqueness. New faces and exciting shoots are coming your way with this creative new modelling agency that's just hit Cairo.

Fashion is fast becoming a major industry in Cairo, with designers constantly on the rise, but wait… who’s modelling for them? Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the most prestigious modelling agency that just hit the city: C Town Model Management.

C Town Model Management is a modelling agency that provides gorgeous female models for the fashion industry. The founders launched this agency because they’ve recently noticed that most shoots or fashion shows have the same models; it’s always the same three or four faces every time. “We’ve realised that there’s a shortage in models and only a handful control the fashion market. Clients need new faces that stand out for their brands, and that’s what we intend on giving them. There are several qualified girls that people are not aware of,” co-founder of the agency Ahmed Hicham tells us.

“Our aim is to have quality and variety among the models,” he reveals. In addition, they choose girls between the ages of 18 to 20 that have never modelled before, but are eligible for shoots. All the models are female; however, they are planning to expand and hire male models as well. So gents, keep an eye out; you might be Cairo's next top model. "We’re taking it slow and steady for now, but we will soon provide a full crew with photographers and videographers, not just models,” Hicham explains. C Town Model Management have already worked with several recognised designers. Their first collaboration was with local design talent Nada Akram, and other projects included a collaboration with filmmaker Ashraf Hamdi and Zaam Designs. Professional enough for ya? If you think you’ve got what it takes, contact them! Maybe you can be the new “it” girl.

For bookings you can check their Facebook page here or Instagram here.