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New Shoot by Kojak Features Niqabi Woman, a Grandmother, and a Model with Albinism

In a new step forward for Egypt's fashion typically exclusive fashion industry, this shoot encourages inclusivity and acceptance.

It's no secret that the fashion industry is, and has always been, an exclusive environment. Pretty faces, flawless physiques, and picture-perfect smiles are what one would most likely expect flipping through fashion magazines or attending catwalk shows. Over the past few years, however, it has become more familiar to see plus-sized models strutting down runways and featured on magazine covers, signaling a change in the industry towards more inclusivity of those who don't fit the typical oh-so-glam image of how a model should look like.

Keeping up with the trend, and perhaps even taking it one step further, is Egyptian designer Muhanad Kojak. The young designer brought together a group of individuals who are traditionally kept off the front pages of fashion magazines and put them at the forefront of his latest collaborative fashion shoot Defying Gravity. The models featured in the shoot include a man in stilettos, a woman with a skin disorder, a full-figured model, and a niqabi woman, among others who don't typically fit in the very narrow standard of beauty.
"I wanted to showcase that regular people from just around the corner are as much into fashion and self-expression as models would be," explains Muhanad Kojak, adding that many people in the fashion industry defend the values of liberty in theory, but they fail to apply those values when it comes to including real people in their work.  

Checkout the shoot: