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Noha Abbassi Packages Your Heart's Content in a Piece of Jewellery

Now you can wear your Noha Abbassi diamond-studded 24-karat gold heart on your sleeves.

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, some wear them on their t-shirts, and some like to bottle theirs up and keep them to themselves. But we are not ones to shy away from controversy; full disclosure is our middle name. We wear our diamond-studded 24-karat gold hearts proudly for the whole world to see; we have Noha Abbassi to thank for that.A self-proclaimed certified diamond grader and 4th generation jeweller, Noha Abbassi has helped countless souls express themselves, make their names known to everyone they come across, and get their messages across with glitz and glam through exquisite bespoke jewellery pieces. And you know your name, political and religious affiliations, and innermost feelings are more likely to be noticed when packaged in Abbassi’s outstanding and sublime designs. Be it a celebrity cause you are canvassing for or a declaration of love, maybe even a newfound faith you are so keen on sharing among your fellow humans, a piece by Noha Abbassi is your best bet.The aesthetic game is changing and you gotta keep up with the times; a necklace is no longer a piece of jewellery with which to adorn your neck or complement your look – it is a statement, a belief to shove down people’s throats, but you have to be considerate; if you are going to force your opinions on us, the least you can do is have the decency to do it with a Noha Abbassi piece.

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