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Norine Farah SS15 - Runway Ready Beach Looks

With summer well and truly here, the designers new collection is ready to turn heads whether you're at the beach or on a catwalk...

It's never too late for a summer collection announcement and when it comes to fashion elite Norine Farah, heads will definitely be turning.

The young designer has released a set of swimsuit cover ups, with a fancy printed twist for all those who'd rather sit by the pool than get into it. Along with the wild prints of her collection, Farah has launched a set of drop dead gorgeous swimsuits that make you want to ditch the beach all together and head to the nearest runway. 

Nourine Farah Couture is available for purchase at The Lemon Tree & Co, Marassi, in case your already made your trip to Sahel and just can't wait to get your hands on the new tantalising collection.

Keep yourself updated with the brand's recent releases on their Facebook & Instagram.