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Obsidian Proves Patchwork is Perennial

Obsidian has introduced the crafty-cosy trend into the local fashion scene, with an eye for vibrant colours and diversity.

Summer 2021 has proved to be the season of patchwork. Plastered all over social media, raw and reverse stitched hems with dangling strings have been systematically clustering our feeds. Usually found in some bold colour or another, oodles of young women— usually Instagram models, are rocking this latest streetwear trend which first rose to popularity following the infamous #HarryStylesCardigan TikTok phenomenon. Obsidian, a new entry into the local fashion scene, has introduced the crafty-cosy trend, sans the British hunk, into our midst.

Their yin yang top, for example, features a sage green and white colour palette complemented with separate arm cuffs, all stitched in a patchwork style, exuding ultimate e-girl vibes. Faux freckles and fox eyes do not come included.

“We believe that fashion is a way to express yourself and is a form of non-verbal communication that determines your character to others,” sisters and founders Malak and Amina Abuelleil tell #CairoScene. “Therefore we wanted to bring our vision to life, and we made that happen by using colours that complement each other and the person wearing them.” This philosophy is highlighted in their slogan—‘Obsidian, the tunnel of vibrance and diversity’.

This insistence on self expression doesn’t come with a size cap, as the brand creates sizes up until Double-X Large. “There seemed to be a lack of size inclusivity when it comes to the pieces being sold and the models themselves,” the sisters add. “We also wanted to add more modest options for women.” Their ‘Fluorite’ dress is a prime example of that diversity, embracing a loose and modest cut without sacrificing the punchy colour palette or signature patchwork.