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Okhtein Launches Fashion Entrepreneurship Workshop at Sane

The dynamic sibling duo behind eclectic local bag brand Okhtein, will be sharing their knowledge at a four-day workshop held at Zamalek art school, Sane.

As the fashion industry starts to really take off in Egypt, many successful entrepreneurs are emerging on the scene. Among them are sisters Mounaz and Aya Abdelraouf, the duo behind eclectic bag brand Okhtein, which has skyrocketed into the sartorial spotlight with its creativity and quality. And the two will be teaching a fashion entrepreneurship workshop over at art space and school Sane, from the 13th to the 16th of September, imparting the knowledge that they’ve learnt as they’ve built up their brand.  

“We wanted to teach this course at Sane Egypt because they are all about providing a space for people to creatively engage through experimental learning to develop an artistic and cultural mind-set,” explains Mounaz. The four-day course will cover various aspects involved with fashion entrepreneurship, starting with how to research and plan for a new brand, moving on to design aesthetic, marketing and advertising, and the business side of fashion. Blending the artsy, creative side of things like sketching, how to come up with designs and sharing their own inspirations for their beautiful pieces and fun campaigns, with more business development aspects like managing finances and approaching fashion buyers and press, the course is set to give a well-rounded, comprehensive inside look on how to be a fashion entrepreneur.

Plus there’s going to be a surprise twist, Mounaz tells us. “The students will be asked to design their own bag – the winning design will then be co designed with us and potentially become an Okhtein release, with the student's name mentioned,” the founder says.

So if you’re interested in learning the fashion ropes – and possibly even getting your own designs out there! – we suggest you check out the course at Sane!

You can find out more on Sane’s Facebook page here or Okhtein’s here.