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Egyptian Brand Opio's SS19 Collection Channels Safari Glam

With a lot of military flair, Opio’s latest collection is a modern-day interpretation of the utilitarian trend.

opio egyptian brand

If you always have your finger on the pulse of fashion fluctuations, its crystal clear that desert-inspired looks is an ongoing trend. In a visual shoot in Fayoum exploring the aesthetic of Opio’s latest spring summer collection, ‘Urban Safari,’ the brand incorporates free flowing and structured elements in all the same ways.

Drawing inspiration from nature and the desert’s neutral tones, Opio’s collection features relaxed silhouettes in stiff fabrics. Think structure and minimalism, workwear and military detailing -  anti-fit jumpsuits, cargo pants, khaki and olive. But as they say the devil is in the detail – so you get ruching and bold exposed zippers, thick straps, big metal buckles and oversized fishnet. 

“We stepped outside of what we usually do, from timeless basics to more edgy and empowering styles. This collection connects the love for nature with a contemporary urban feeling,” said Reem Abdel Latif, co-founder of Opio.

Opio still remains true to its identity, launching two other collections of everyday wear this season. The collections feature deconstructed shirts and dresses that are both practical and comfy. “We release a collection every month, but 'Urban Safari' is a special one,” added Abdel Latif.

Sure, there's a time and place for the sweet and swift, but if you’re looking to build a utilitarian wardrobe, Opio’s latest collection is one of your safest bets.

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