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‘Pray for Humanity’ by MARAM Raises Funds for Egyptian Mothers in Poverty & the Lebanese Red Cross

MARAM’S ‘Pray for Humanity’ capsule collection raises money for Egyptian mothers living in poverty with the ‘Mothers Matter’ initiative, and briefly raised money for the Lebanese Red Cross.

At a time where our patience, empathy, and kindness are constantly called into question as a society, 2020 has brought with it a share of consciousness alongside all of its turmoil. Inspired by this, Egyptian brand Maram put together their new capsule collection, ‘Pray for Humanity’, which calls on fashion connoisseurs and fans to take its name to heart and focus their energies towards charity.

Based between Cairo, Montreal and Paris, the brand’s latest collection features a variety of masks, t-shirts, candles and hoodies in subtle neutral tones, and a consistent graphic theme. The entire product line is genderless, made from organic cotton, all while being sustainable and ethically-made.

“The whole collection came out as a response to what was happening during COVID-19," designer and founder Maram Aboul Enein told CairoScene. "We wanted to do something of service that had a higher social impact, and still provide customers with a valuable product. The concept was in my head from 2019, but now was the perfect time to release something charitable, and this came through with this capsule collection.”

While initially donating 100% of the proceeds to the ‘Mothers Matter’ initiative - which educates underprivileged mothers in Egypt on a variety of issues - the collection has temporarily redirected proceeds to the Lebanese Red Cross for two weeks.

“‘Pray for Humanity’ is a phrase that is so overused in the world, but there is still something powerful about it and that meaning was being lost,” Aboul Enein said. If there is one message we can grasp from the tumultuous circumstances of 2020, it is that change starts with the small actions we take on in our daily lives— and what better way to spread a message than to wear it proudly?

‘Pray for Humanity’ is now available to shop on