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Raw: The New Egyptian Athleisure Brand That's Upgrading Yoga Pants

Even if you’ve never done a toe-touch in your life, Raw’s super smooth, flattering pair of yoga pants is still our new wardrobe hero.

Our absolute biggest struggle in Cairo (aside from finding a boyfriend, making money, and spending hours in traffic) is having to always wear pants, instead of walking down the streets in our cute rompers or miniskirts. That’s why we opt for leggings or yoga pants – AKA a fashion trend sent to us from the comfort gods.

Raw, a recently launched sportswear brand, has us wearing functional, booty-hugging yoga pants and legging - that look amazing both on and off the mat. With a high-waist fit and stretchy fabric, these pants move with our bodies at practice and keep our tummies and love handles tucked in during poses. “Our yoga pants are made out of polyester and Lycra so they’re super elastic and stretchy but also prevents sweat stains.” says Ramy AbdelKareem, founder of Raw.

These yoga pants are like a push up bra for our butts and in all seriousness, it doesn’t matter if its real or an illusion – if it makes you look like you’ve got the butt, then you’ve got the butt.

Even if you never plan on setting foot in a work out studio, Raw’s yoga pants are fashionable enough to go out in – their flashy colours and mesh side inserts makes these leggings perfect for a stylish athleisure look.

They also have unexpected details for yoga pants like hidden pockets, big enough to fit our phones and keys. With prices ranging from 350 to 450 EGP, it makes for one of the most affordable fashion-forward sportswear brand around; plus, you get a 25 percent discount on all products if you’re a FitSquad member. “I’m also in the process of printing discount vouchers for my customers so they can get a discount on their Fitsquad membership,” tells us AbdelKareem.

Shop Raw yoga pants and leggings here.

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