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Rebook Pumps Are Back!

The 90s classic that reigned supreme is now back on the market!

Back in the 90s, there was a shoe that ruled them all: men, young and old, were obsessed with the pumped up kicks that filled the inside of the shoe with air and had you flying rather than walking. Iconic are the scenes of Michael Jordan pumping up his shoe and jumping to the hoop with ease. The Fresh Prince had them, Notorious BIG had them before his passing, and Diddy wouldn’t go anywhere without them when he was still Puff Daddy. Well, those glory days are back, only this time it’s YOU that will be running on a cloud because Reebok’s new Z Pump shoe is in stores on Monday.

Mall of Arabia, Festival City Mall, and Citystars are the places to be if you want to get your hands on the revolutionary running shoe. This pump is not a high-heeled shoe you will be taking to the Cairo Fashion Festival next Friday but the shoe that adapts to YOU when you are ready for some track and field. The revolutionary technique allows you to adjust the fit to you, and you only, which makes for a perfect fit. This way, you will quite literally be running on air.

On top of that, the shoe is a brainiac if ever there was one: it remembers your setting and makes every run the best one you had. You may now literally get pumped to go for a jog when the Z Pump cage pumps fill with air and mold around your shoe whether it’s small or large, broad or skinny.

Revolutionise your running starting on Monday when Reebok’s Z Pump makes a big return to commercial success. Exclusively available at the three malls, you can get a head start on your running competition by putting on some Z Pumps.