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Ron's Bags: One Bag, One Look, One Person

Ron's Bags deliver unique, one-of-a-kind, incredibly cool creations. We speak to the woman behind the brand, Rania ElBatal to find out more about the inventive designs...

The Birkin bag, exploiting fashionistas' style - and pockets - for decades are being made in the hundreds, and still people spend a fortune on them every day to look just like everybody else. After many years living in Brussels, Egyptian designer Rania Elbatal returned to Egypt, realising that the trend of everybody trying to look the same had impacted Egypt as well. Determined to make a difference and set herself apart, Elbatal started creating custom-made bags that are now equipping Cairo’s women with cool, original - and exclusive - style.

We are not kidding when we say exclusive; every single piece from Ron's Bags is strictly limited to the extent that Elbatal only makes one of each. “If you get it fast, you’re lucky, if you don’t, it’s sold out," she tells us about every single bag in her various mini collections. Every three months Elbatal releases a new mini collection, centering on a theme, a fabric or a colour, and each bag is strictly unique. “No two bags are the same.” Hence, unlike all the fashion choices you make every day, Ron's Bags give you a high-quality purse that nobody but you will own in this world.

The idea came to Elbatal, who goes by Ron, when she realised that being different in Egypt would call for her to make her own designs. “I didn’t want to follow the herd, I wanted something different," she says of the inspiration to launch her own label. She visited a workshop in which she learned how to make custom-made designs and bags. From there, many designs followed. Working with many Egyptian designers and suppliers around Egypt, this eventually made Ron's Bags a true homegrown treasure.

For three years, Ron has now repeatedly released continuous collections, with no bag being the same. Her current collection for Spring 2015 made 16 printed leather bags which can function as purses or clutches. Seven of the designs have handles that can be removed to change the style of the bag to a clutch, naturally all equipped with the finest designs on high-quality leather. “I love leather print," Elbatal tells us, “the quality and design with it is just so beautiful.”


Previous collections played with graffiti prints, elegant fabrics and playful patterns and gave the international competition a run for their money. It doesn’t happen every day that workmanship and design in Egyptian fashion equal that of top international brands, but that is exactly what Ron's Bags promises: a personal, just-for-you designed bag that could not be exceeded in attention to detail and design - and what's even better is it's not made in Taiwan, but 100% in Egypt.

Satisfied customers who would like to get their purchases for all of their friends and family are out of luck: there is no reordering! One bag, one look, one person; that’s Ron's philosophy. Ron's Bags are available online on their site and on Instagram, and their Facebook page showcases all the available products. To check out all the available bags of the new Spring 2015 collection you therefore better be quick: when each bag is gone, it’s gone, and nobody else will hold it in their hands but the proud owner. 

You can check out their Facebook page here