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Sagheer Brings us Beach Beauty in Gouna

The days of horrible beach hair are over as our favourite beauty salon opens its doors in Gouna, just in time for Spring Break.

For years, beach perfect hair has been one of life's big mysteries. You're lying on the beach feeling sun kissed and beautiful with your wet, wavy sea hair when all of a sudden you catch a glimpse of yourself and you realise you look a little more like a drowned rat than a mermaid. As this realisation dawns you ponder how Halle Berry pulled it off as she emerges out of the water and struts up the beach in Die Another Day or how Matthew McConaughey looked so good appearing from the ocean in Fool's Gold.

Suddenly you realise, who said beach hair had to be messy? Absolutely no one and now we can be the beach gods and goddesses we always imagined as our favourite hair and make-up guru opens its doors to styling heaven in Gouna. That's right, you read that correctly, Mohammed Al Sagheer Salon has finally answered our prayers and is coming to the rescue of our beach beauty with its new location in New Marina, Block 15 to be precise. Whether your looking for some beach waves, evening styling or just need a good shave, Sagheer is open for business.  

Find out more about Al Sagheer Salon in Gouna here.