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The Sahara Collection Opening Up New Store for Christmas

Santa doesn't come until the 25th of December, which is why The Sahara Collection are throwing us a Christmas snack party to celebrate their new store.

All we want for Christmas is food. And discounted clothes. And awesome music, too. Don't rush yourself, Santa; The Sahara Collection by Karmah and Zeina Sabry - or who we have decided to call Saharanta - have stolen the sleigh bells and are give us a sneak peek at what's lurking around the Christmas tree.

The Sahara Collection, unlike Santa, sells contemporary clothing and accessories that are made of 100 per cent Egyptian material. To kick off the opening of their new store - an entire week before Christmas because we're too impatient - they're inviting us all over to 13 Mansour Mohamed Street in Zamalek on December 16th at 6 PM. Backed by Maria Muñoz, the co-founder of fashion social network Slickr, and their fresh new fashion director Giovanina Atieh, The Sahara Collection is throwing a night of DJ Omar Sabh's dance tunes, hors d'oeuvres that we'll be devouring quite quickly, and special discounts while you nibble.

For the lazies, you can now order online from their new website here, and you can always check them on Facebook here or their Instagram here.