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Sara Onsi’s Latest Collection ‘IT’S 2020’ Tackles Social Issues Through Fashion

Sara Onsi’s second collection ‘IT’S 2020’ wraps up all the year’s biggest themes into a socially-charged ready-to-wear collection.

The world of fashion is sometimes seen as elusive, snotty, reputed with triviality and elitism, but every now and then it gets down to earth and says what we’re all thinking. Like the newest collection from ONSI by Sara Onsi, ‘IT’S 2020’, which tackles Coronavirus, social distancing and racism — basically everything we’ve been going through as a society since the onset of 2020.

“With all the madness, I saw colour," Onsi told CairoScene. "I felt like I did not want to remember 2020 this way so if I could illustrate these events and hardships we lived through by characterizing it with bold colours and prints, I can help remember this experience with all its good and bad in a better light."

Onsi’s different patterns encompass the prevalent themes of 2020, like ‘What Quarantine’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’. By incorporating patterns using images of women of all colours into weightless linen dresses, crepe loungewear, graphic shirts, and silk chiffon scarves, Onsi utilizes all the materials and different products at her disposal to illustrate a vision of unity— arguably the biggest takeaway for all of us from this tumultuous, yet enlightening year.