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Shakhaleel: Capturing The Arabian Spirit

Shakhlala has never been more elegant then with these ornate Arabian designs from Shakhaleel...

The Bohemian-hippie craze of fashion is back, and so is Oriental. Shakhlel yourself with Nashwa Mostafa's wide range of exotic oriental accessories; Shakhaleel. From Angelina Jolie to Rihanna's Arabic tattoos, the Arabian vocabulary has definitely introduced itself and made an impact on international fashion. Mostafa is taking odd Eastern jewellery onto a whole new level with her eye-grabbing materials, ranging from gold, silver, metal and colourful beads that show simplicity and intelligence in design, using real stones to ensure better quality.

The name Shakhaleel was itself inspired by Mostafa as she "wanted to people to figure out [her] products from just hearing the name," given the sound that her accessories produce when worn. It immediately takes you back 50 years when black and white movies intensely focused on belly dancers' sensual attires. All of the accessories are sketched and designed by Mostafa herself, and are quite wearable and match different skin tones. The designs are setting trends that Egyptians are craving at the moment. With a variety of Arabian shapes such as the inverted hand, the Arabian eye, Arabic lettered words, and old coins, Mostafa has definitely incorporated Egyptian iconic structures to influence her jewellery. She tends to find motivation for her sketches through her experience; she tells us, "I can look at a painting and get an idea about a ring design."

Not only does she get inspired by her everyday life, she is up for customisation and sketching ideas according to the customer's desires. Through her Facebook page and her Instagram, she allows two-way communication between herself and the buyers. That way, she can keep up with her audience and make sure that all questions are answered. Mostafa sure takes care of her Shakhaloolys.

For more info and a preview of Shakhaleel's designs, visit the Facebook page here and Instagram here.