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SheStraw: The Egyptian Brand Adding Pizzazz to the Humble Hat

These hats will be a part of your everyday attire in no time!

SheStraw: The Egyptian Brand Adding Pizzazz to the Humble Hat

What started off as a hat-collecting hobby for SheStraw founder, Rana Shaaban, quickly turned into a full-time job of designing the funkiest straw hats around. Playing with different accessories, fabrics, prints and colors, her hats are definitely receiving the appropriate hype by social media influencers- and you can't miss them.

Launching in Summer 2015 as a one-woman-show, her first design was her best friend’s wedding present, and that’s how it all started. Ever since, she’s collaborated and designed for celebrities like Bushra, social media influencer Hassan Abouelrous and fashionistas Zaynab Azzam, Alia Serry and Farah Galal - and are available online for orders through their Instagram page.


“Hats are not just for protection against weather conditions, ceremonial reasons like graduation or for safety. They should be used as fashion accessories like earrings, bracelets. Hats give a kind of sparkle to any apparel [whether it’s day or night] – outdoors or indoors,” Shaaban told CairoScene.


Soon to become the first Egyptian designer to design a winter hat collection, with her in-the-works projects. You can also find SheStraw’s hats and newest collections on Jumia, Jay Store at Desigina Mall, and at Alexandrian hairdressers Mohamed ElBeiruty and Tarek El Saghir.