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Silvian Heach Brings Italian Fashion to Alexandria

The store promises exciting trivia and shopping vouchers at their opening in Alexandria this weekend.

Slick fashion brand Silvian Heach lands in Alexandria this week, gearing up to infuse the Mediterranean streets with their iconic Italian alleur and some fun fashion trivia as they bring their cocktail dresses, fabulous coats, and trademark skirts to the Egyptian coast.

The store opens today Friday 29th at City Center Alex, with an exciting two-day launch event at Sporting Alex, where hosts will invite boys and gals to participate in a game where fashion icons and the stylish brand logo will pop up on a screen, challenging viewers to snap a picture on the SH logo in time. Winners will get store vouchers, as well as the privilege of getting a sneak peek at the latest creations of this trend-setting brand.

Take a look at their collection on their website or visit their Facebook page.