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Slickr Connects: A Display of Stylish Synergy

Stylish site Slickr, has just rolled out a gorgeous photo campaign featuring some of the biggest names on Cairo's fashion scene...

When sartorial site Slickr launched a few months ago, its aim was to shake up the fashion scene in the city. Since then stylish citizens of Cairo have been buzzing about the brand, an online platform that seamlessly connects people in the fashion field. Their latest endeavour, Slicker Connects, has done exactly what its name implies. Over the space of a month, the Slickr crew connected some of the most talented and prominent professionals on the fashion scene in Cairo, and proceeded to roll out a gorgeous campaign; eight different teams created eight different but equally stunning photoshoots and the first series of shots have just been released. “We wanted to show that on Slickr you can find anyone related to the fashion scene, whether they’re stylists, photographers, models, hairstylists, whatever,” explains Maria Muñoz, one of the site’s co-founders, “And you can connect with them and eventually establish relationships.”

For this photo campaign, the Slickr team worked as the glue that tied various elements together. “We were basically the middle man of the whole campaign,” Muñoz explains, “We put everyone in contact. We sat with them and came up with the concepts for the various shoots, helped with the locations they settled on…”

And the results are gorgeous. Each shoot from the different teams channels a completely different aesthetic, showing the creative range of the various people involved. And all of the items featured in the shots are in turn available on the site, if you want to get your hands on any of them! “It was very fruitful,” Muñoz tells us, “Not only because of the results, which look amazing, but also because each of the teams ended up very happy with the outcome and with the people they worked with. They were all willing to work together again, so in this sense, we really connected them, which was the entire aim!”

They have released the photos in two batches. Check them out below. 

Part I


 Part II

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @slickrfashion