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Soraya Shawky Sets Sail with Lula-Ru for their New Swimwear Collection

Released this week, Egyptian beauty influencer Soraya Shawky shows us her flair for swimwear designs in an all-new collab with Lula-Ru Swimwear.

Egyptian beauty influencer Soraya Shawky has hit the regional fashion scene with her newest collaboration with Lula-Ru Swimwear. The Dubai-based blogger’s beachwear release is made up of a navy and white collection of nautically-inspired swimwear featuring the signature belted style of Lula-Ru’s designs. If a sailor was featured on the spreads of Sports Illustrated, this is totally what they would look like.

With an equal mix of one-piece and two-piece sets, the collection is sold with mix-and-match options for those of us who know exactly what we want. After working with Lula-Ru’s founder, Emily Strueman, to help bring her vision into fruition, the Lula-Ru x Soraya collection has been released this week along with a sexy shoot by the Dubai marina. If we ever get to look that good on a white yacht in Jumeirah Beach, then count us satisfied.

Lula-Ru is sold exclusively in Dubai Bloomingdales as well as Peek Boutique in the UK, and ships internationally on

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