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Stark Bags - Get Sophisticated This Summer

It seems that Egypt's fashion scene is all about the bags this season, as newcomers Stark up the chicness with their multi-purpose, handmade leather holdalls. We speak to co-founder Mohamed Shiha, Amr Omera and Andrew Tawfik to find out more...

Stark Bags is a new local brand that prides itself on being the perfect accessory for your workout clothes, airport outfit or road trip friend.  Like a real-life Mary Poppins bag, the line's stylish holdalls are big enough to carry everything needed for a weekend away, a trip to the gym or as carry-on luggage. "We noticed that there was a lack of availability and, more importantly, creativity in bags that are made specifically for travel and athletic purposes," tells us co-founder Mohamed Shiha about the brand's beginnings.

"We experimented with different materials, different sizes and different designs. Finally we started selling within our inner circle of friends in order to test the bag in terms of durability and design likability only to settle for bags that come in different classic colours to fit with everything in your wardrobe. Handmade, Starks are classy enough to be suitable for all age groups," Shiha shares with us.


"We believe that you need not compromise quality or design for price," Shiha explains the reason behind their creation for high quality leather bags in our plastic-loving world.

Orders are placed through their website, and it takes about 2-5 days to deliver, unless you want to go pick it up on the same day.