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Stars & Style in the 'Abyss'

Local streetwear brand, Abyss, focuses in on placing iconic figures in a Cairene alternate reality.

Less hip hop-inspired than most street wear brands, 'Abyss' adopts more of an everyday wardrobe for cool city dwellers who don’t want to shy away from a statement graphic. Basing their designs on iconography and popular figures like Om Kalthoum, Omar Sherif, and even Kim K, Abyss Clothing is the freshest brand to enter into Cairo's street wear game.

“The idea is to have people look at a design and do a double-take, so we wanted to place iconic figures in a kind of alternate reality,” Hassan Mansour, cofounder of Abyss, tells #CairoScene.

After colluding with his friend and cofounder, Mansour and Modather El Tersly came together to bring their concept into fruition, even though university has forced the two of them to work from abroad.  “We both wear a lot of street wear and we wanted to create something that was true to our style and symbolic of Egypt at the same time,” Mansour says. Considering their debut editorial shoot took place at the Pyramids of Giza, we can say they’ve stuck to the script.

The pair currently design and sell primarily oversized t-shirts, but their upcoming collection comes bearing fruit with a new line of hoodies, sweaters, and sweatpants due for release. You can order their designs through their Instagram DMs.