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Stunning New Fashion Shoot Captures The Raw Beauty Of Downtown Cairo

Internationally acclaimed photographer Toufic Araman left his mark in Downtown Cairo with 'Cairotix', his latest fashion shoot, which features a series a astounding shots across feluccas and barber shops.

A masterpiece crafter, known for his globally-acclaimed Egypt Tourism campaign – the first international campaign to be shot by a Middle Eastern photographer - Toufic Araman recently visited Cairo on a tour that included leading a workshop on fashion photography at Cairo’s photo-hub Photopia and holding five astounding photo shoots.

The renowned artist chose unique urban settings, from neon-colored feluccas to barber shops, taxis and street lamp stores, for an eye-catching and incredibly captivating shoot titled Cairotix, accompanied by an international team and assisted by Egyptian photographers Aisha Alshabrawy and Khaled Hamdy.

“I attended his workshop and, since we know each other, he asked me to help him,” says Alshabrawy. “The shoot was inspired by the theme 'a night in Cairo,' so Hamdy and I went around Cairo scouting locations for him and assisting on the shoot.” 

The shoot was styled by Anna Castan Tomas and Egyptian stylist Tamima Elnarsh and produced for Qatar Airways’ magazine Oryx. With a rudimentary, raw mood and feel, Araman embedded his sharp eye for fashion in this shoot where dark scenes of the often-neglected authentic Cairene locations become the inspiring landscape of a reverie-inducing reality. “I approach photography from a fashion point of view. Even if it is an advertising job, I would generally infuse it with fashion. Call me fashion photographer if you like, but I do not want to be labelled,” he said in a recent interview with CairoScene.

Check out the full shoot below.

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