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Styling Sessions with City Centre Maadi

We all know City Centre Maadi is home to a plethora of stores but this month they're feeling especially generous; the mall is holding a weekly competition where winners get a 5,000 LE shopping spree and styling session by uber-fashionista Laila Youssef...

City Centre Maadi has always been one of those places that everybody knew about. It had Cairo's first CentrePoint and Carrefour, for crying out loud! Not to mention that it's been around since 2002, which practically makes it part of Egypt's historic monuments. We may or may not be embellishing, here. But, you get the point. After City Centre Maadi's redevelopment, it's full of awesome places to buy just about anything. Clothing? Yes. Good food? Yes. Coffee and dessert? Yes. Televisions? Yes. A new kitchen sink? Probably. City Cenre Maadi isn't just about buying, though. You can grab a quick bite from any of their eight different food units (or from all eight, if that's more your style) or sit down for a fancypants meal; and, of course, who could forget Magic Planet? It's true what they say - City Centre Maadi creates great moments for everyone every day. Lately, though, they've been making some people's days that much greater.
Every month, City Centre Maadi hosts some kind of competition for its loyal shoppers that lasts all throughout the month. It's a different theme every time but, this time, they're exploring the world of fashion. Throughout the month of November, any customer who spends over 599 LE in the mall (except Carrefour) is eligible to enter a contest in which they win a 5,000 LE shopping spree from any stores in the mall, accompanied by a styling session from fashion favourite, Laila Youssef. Kicking it up a notch this month, aren't you, City Centre Maadi? We're loving this. So, anyone who spends over 599 LE (in one day, guys) can take their invoices over to the customer service desk and enter to win this wicked prize, with one winner per week for the month of November. We can think of a few people in our office who could use a styling session or two. Put your objecting hands down, fashionistas - we can't all be as stylish as you. 
It's one thing to buy clothes that fit you. It's another thing to buy clothes that flatter your body, with colours that complement your skin, and know how to put pieces together to make an outfit that works, plus put some accessories on it because as we all know, outfits are all about accessories. We got tired writing out that sentence, let alone actually doing all of it every time we go out to shop. Maybe that's why it's called shop 'til you drop. While this may be fun and easy for some, most people end up tossing on 'whatever works' and walking out the door because they simply don't have the sartorial knack necessary for pulling together a fashion forward ensemble. It's harder than it looks. Wouldn't it be grand if someone could create your outfits for you, based on your personal style and appearance? Well, City Centre Maadi is coming to your rescue and doing just that.
To do just that, City Centre Maadi selected one of the city's savviest stylists Laila Youssef, winner of the Best Fashion Stylist Award for 2015. Four lucky winners get the chance to have Laila Youssef doll them up and give them the best fashion tips and tricks to look nothing less than fabulous. Last week's winner, Mona Hamdy, talked trends with the style guru and shop-hopped from Suite Blanco, Acccessorize, Aldo, Monsoon, and Nine West. This week, we got in on the fun and joined the winner, Elham El Zahawany, as she and Laila Youssef perused the racks at Zara to pick out the perfect outfits to suit Elham's taste. "It was so much fun. I learned a lot about how to buy certain things that work for my body," the winner said of her experience with the style sensation.
City Centre Maadi boasts a unique retail mix that makes it a go-to fashion destination. Its retailers carry 87 of the best local and international brands, with big brand stores like Zara and H&M. Without an excessive plethora of shops, City Centre Maadi has captured just the right retailers to make your shopping that much easier and that much better. The weekly style sessions are happening until the end of November, so make sure to drop off your invoices at the customer service desk at City Centre Maadi for a chance to style it up with Laila Youssef this month.
You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @citycentermaadi.