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Swirlz is the New Brand Bringing in Bead Bags into Our Summer Days

Introducing the bead bag trend into Egypt, Swirlz is the new brand bringing us our next local handcrafted summer item.

Swirlz is ushering in the bead bag trend into Egypt’s style scene. Beads, yes, but child’s play? Absolutely not. The new label creates handmade bags that, while they do bring back memories of childhood, exudes class and street style. Having launched two months ago, the label has already pushed out a large number of orders just in time for beach season.

“I started Swirlz during quarantine and the idea behind it was to support the girls, women, and moms who have the talent to make these beautiful bags who are also most likely affected financially by the pandemic and to make use of my time as my other business was on hold,” founder Passant Morshedy told CairoScene.

Employing local women to do the handicraft work, Swirlz makes it a point to do its part to support one another during this tumultuous time. At the same time, these trendy items are a perfect fit for summer, considering that beads are safe around water and sand.

Swirlz also creates bead tops and take custom orders so you can take an active role in your bag’s final size, shape, and colour. If you’re in Sahel, you can pick yours up at Marassi, shop through or DM them through their Instagram to order.