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Temraza Goes Tropical with Stunning Summer 2019 Collection

The suitably named 'Tropics' is giving us the tropical beachwear fantasy we all deserve.

Temraza Goes Tropical with Stunning Summer 2019 Collection

With Ramadan a distant hunger dream, we are ecstatic to finally be able to say that summer has officially arrived. But before we get into the groove of sneaking out of work early on a Thursday and escaping to the nearest beach, there’s the not-so-small matter of making sure your summer wardrobe is in order. What better beacon of fashion to turn to, then, than internationally renowned Egyptian brand, Temraza, and the latest incarnation of its popular summer line, Tropics?

Arriving in a range of summer-ready materials, the line encompasses a whole host of pieces including skirts, dresses, trousers, robes, tops and even jumpsuits, all in vibrant colours and prints that will have you living your best beach life in full on summer glam.

"The line is a celebration of beach life, inspired by the free souls that roam the sun drenched beaches with good vibes,” founder and fashion darling, Farida Temraz, told CairoScene rather poetically. “The collection's pieces are both flowy and edgy, bringing through that sexy effortless summer flair."

While Temraza's Tropics line has been around for four years, being sold exclusively in Hacienda and Miami, Florida, it's now publicly available to all you beach lovers.

Tropics aside, Temraza also revealed other plans for the rest of the year, most excitingly, that she will be officially launching a bridal wear line soon – so look out for that.

Stay tuned to Temraza on Instagram.