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The Blow Dry Bar

Wash, blow, go! Mohamed Al Sagheer launches the Blow Dry Bar, promising a perfect do in 30 minutes or less...

How many times have you been rushing from place to place, sprinting from work to a dinner to an event, your handbag whacking against your side and your hair is plastered to your face and then you’re like oh crap, my hair is plastered to my face and I’m heading to an engagement looking like I live under a bridge and I’ve never heard of shampoo. Yes, we’ve all been there. Women on the go don’t necessarily have the daily time to go and spend three hours at a hair salon getting pampered and/or waiting for their turn to get a basic blow dry. And once you get in their chair, the process is s-l-o-w-l-y dragged out as they take their sweet, sweet time washing your hair, and then they proceed to actually give you a hairstyle at the pace of a snail on Quaaludes. Not to mention the time in between you’re just sitting on a chair staring at yourself waiting for someone to arrive and get your hair done.

Anyway, the point of this tirade is, Mohamed Al Sagheer is turning this on its head with their brand new Blow Dry Bar in CityStars. It’s a concept created for women on the go; you know, normal women who work and/or have children and don’t wake up at noon and eat an oatmeal and blueberry breakfast and then hit the gym and then go to the salon for two hours and then have a lunch with other similarly free ladies. Head to the Blow Dry Bar, and you wash, blow, and go in under 30 minutes. The salon focuses on rapid, simple services so that you can get in and out as fast as possible and be on your way. They don’t have time consuming service like cuts and colouring; you can go to your friendly neighbourhood Sagheer salon for that.


Blowing your way... #ComingSoon

Posted by BDB Egypt on Saturday, May 30, 2015


The Blow Dry Bar has nine signature styles for you to choose from, from stick straight hair to soft waves to bohemian braids to ponytails. Under 30 minutes. Plus you can even rent out the entire bar for up to 12 girls, if you all have an event together for instance. They also offer manis and pedis so you’ve got your cuticles covered too.

The opening is the 10th of June at 7 PM – they’ve got some goodies to giveaway plus Amici On Wheels whipping up some non-alcoholic fruity concoctions.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @BlowDryBarEgypt