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The Egyptian Shoe Brand Getting Your Feet Beach-Ready

Carrie Bradshaw would kill for these.


“In the vast world of fashion, the shoe design industry holds a unique place; it mixes between the world of art and the sophistication of architecture. The perfect shoe must be elegant and comfortable enough to empower the woman, as she takes over the world - one step at a time,” Omar Abou Tera, CEO and Designer in Chief of Misura Designs, writes.

Established in 2017 in Cairo, Egypt, Misura Designs is a contemporary, high-end shoe brand merging elegance and comfort to create refined art pieces, initially specialising in customized bridal footwear.

“It’s just about U and for U.” U by Misura is Misura Designs’ most recently launched brand, and offers ready-to-wear shoes to be worn all day everyday.

“Our name comes from the Italian Fatto su Misura which means ‘made to measure’,” Abou Tera tells us.

As the predecessor of Leather Home - in the field of shoe making since 1977 - co-founder Omar Abou Tera comes from a legacy of highly talented footwear craftsmanship. He studied shoe design in Milan, Italy, after which he met co-founder and Lead Designer Lama Khoury, who also studied shoe design in Beirut, Lebanon. Misura’s third co-founder Aly Abou Tera is the tech-wiz of the team and is in charge of all things digital.

With both designers Abou Tera and Khoury exclusively on board, they pride themselves in offering a variety of different design cultures when it comes to Misura’s Designs.

“It has always been my passion to reach the ‘Made it Italy’ quality when it comes to shoes, and after a few years of hard work and dedication, my team and I were able to make the dream come true in 2017,” Omar Abou Tera tells CairoScene.

Importing all the components and raw material from Italy and assembling them here in their own factory in Cairo, all of Misura’s products are handmade by 'the most talented craftsmen in Egypt'.

Abou Tera now teaches both design and production at the Shoe Design School in Cairo, which takes place at the Creative Hub in Cairo Festival City, passing on what he learned in Italy, and taking his students on tours through the factory. He hopes to get through to aspiring shoemakers and potentially sign them onto the Misura team.

“Even if some of them go on to start their own brands, I’d be happy to have competitors and fellows for the sake of growing the ‘Made in Egypt’ label. This shoe-making industry needs to be learned, it can’t just be based off of good taste, like other fields in fashion,” Abou Tera says.

U by Misura aims to keep expanding online, with hopes of growing on-ground and hopefully having their own store before the year comes to an end.

“When you put on a pair of Misura shoes, your outfit compliments the shoes not the other way around.”

Check out more of Misura's footwear on Instagram.