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The Fashion Studio To Re-launch This Summer

The creative crew behind Egypt's top fashion-based learning centre are back. We speak to Bosaina to find out more about their upcoming courses.

With an unrelenting desire to educate and enlighten the minds of the fashion hungry and striving, The Fashion Studio, a creative space, studio and educational centre, led by Bosaina, are back with a vengeance, and a few surprises up their sleeves! They confidently plan on continuing to introduce the correct knowledge and operative education required to take creativity and individuality in the Egyptian fashion industry to a whole other level.

TFS have created a proactive model that communicates with the local industry and relies on their experience within that sphere, and this summer, they launch two one-off summer courses; Fashion Styling (starts August 12th) and Fashion Illustration (Starts August 16th). However, the coming fall holds a few surprise intensive courses which Bosaina II aims to keep on the hush-hush till due time. Exciting much?

Students of all education levels will have access to the courses provided. Some one-on-one tutorials will also be available and tailored according to their individual needs. Bosaina tells us that the course structures suit everyone, they’re beneficial to beginner as well as advanced students in the fashion industry; so long as the students have a basic sense of comprehension and creativity, the courses will help their formulate their identity in the fashion industry. Bosaina is especially excited about the fall courses, which will be announced as soon as they have been effectively reviewed and established to precision. However, this August, a roster of luxury brands, alongside some of Cairo's more influential figures and top industry stylists will allow styling students to get involved in a "fashion-forward concept" produced by none other than The Fashion Studio. Yes exciting much! 

Summer courses will be held twice a week, will cost 1500 LE and are four weeks long, while intensive courses cost 2500LE, and will run over a six week period, however the amount of classes are still undecided but are to be announced once effectively positioned to be up to date with the goings-on of the Cairo fashion industry, with a promise to match international fashion standards.

We’re very much looking forward to the unraveling of this exciting new project. It’s very rare to find individuals coming together amid all the chaos of this city to create something valuable and credible to encourage people to pursue their dreams, no matter what they are.

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