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The Garden X Fashion for a Stylish Ramadan

Hosting some of the city's top designers for a slew of stylish Ramadan nights, The Garden proves there's a lot more to do this Holy Month than just eat...

As Ramadan closes in, we start to bid farewell to our usual haunts and hangouts. This year, however, things are going to be glamorously green as Heliopolis hot spot The Garden remains open all month long, with some seriously stylish additions. The Garden X  Fashion brings together the spirit of Ramadan and the sartorially savvy for a fashion and food filled month.

Alongside the delicious offerings after sunset, there’ll be The Mart filling the indoor space at The Garden. This will function as an ongoing exhibition space for the city’s most creative fashion designers who will display their latest collections for you to get your hands on. And when we say the city’s most creative designers we mean it. Expect the latest pieces from Malak El Ezzawy, Dido Embaby, Kerrat, Alia Khafaga, Mohanad Kojak, Saya, U ty, Kerrat, Krack Baby, Maison Noire, Vorstin, Queen Inc and more.

Meanwhile, the Doll Me Up event sees  10 of The Garden’s favourite designers and their muses, whomever they are, whether they’re fashion bloggers or models, to dress them in their latest looks and style them for the day. These looks will be judged by  a panel of experts on the night and the winning look and its designer will win a coveted professional fashion shoot, shot on location at The Garden.

Whoever said Ramadan is boring for style got it wrong.

Find out more about The Garden here.