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The Glittery Takeover of Egypt’s Fashion Scene

Didn't you hear? Sequins are for life, not just for Christmas parties. Take your fashion game to the next level with Fad Fashion’s disco inspired lovelies.

The fashion crowd has been known to resurrect trends that we thought we’d seen the last of. I mean, we put 70s sequins fashions way out of our minds. But now, look at Egyptian brand, Fad Fashion bringing back dancing queen disco suits, skirts, and pants. With ultra-glam and no such thing as too much twinkle, you’ll be standing out in the sea of cocktail and maxi dresses at any event.

Founded by three partners and long-time friends, fashion influencer, Berna Ibrahim, Farah Fayoumy, and Yasmin Shoukry; the trio was determined to change the how sequins and sparkles are being perceived. “We looked at the Egyptian fashion aesthetics and realised people weren’t being bold enough. No one wears sequins except when going to weddings for example, when globally they’re on every runway and you can dress any sparkly piece up or down,” tells us Farah Fayoumi, co-founder of Fad Fashion.

With a new mini-collection launched every month or two and only include six designs, the perfectly glistening sequinned pieces are the ultimate party show stoppers. On the very sophisticated side of sexy, you’ll find their flowing wide-leg jumpsuit. You know what, you won’t even have to go to the party, this jumpsuit is the party.

Fad Fashion’s totally rad glittery high waisted skirts and flared and jasmine pants can easily be transformed from day to night and match perfectly with sneakers. Or layer their seriously stylish sparkly blazer over a silky top and skinny jeans – permission granted: you may wear sparkles at any time of day.

Check out Fad Fashion's Instagram account here