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The Spirit of the West Lives On in Aliel's ASEELA Collection

Luxury bag label Aliel is taking itself on to new frontiers with their ASEELA collection, which draws inspiration from the wild west and - specifically - the noble horse.

Luxury bag label Aliel has channeled the spirit of the Wild West on the back (or rather, the horseback) of ASEELA. Inspired by horses and their dignified, genuine nature, the ASEELA collection features bags that are small and light, with a circular handle, making them very versatile. The collection draws from the wild nature of the horse and their everlasting strength and resilience, being creatures that have been linked to people for centuries, all the way from the earliest ancient civilizations. Appropriate, given how it’s taking the brand on new frontiers.

ASEELA marks a different approach to design than what Aliel is used to, having strayed from their typical geometric shapes in favor of rounded, soft and symmetrical bags. The collection features five new vibrant colours that match the winter seasonal palette, including emerald green, brunette brown, lavender purple, crimson red, and black and white. Some of these colours are matched together, like black and white, who together portray the yin and yang of one’s existence.

The label's pieces have been spotted on the likes of household names like Kylie Jenner and Adriana Lima, as well as regional stars like Yousra and Shereen Reda. While that’s enough to grab the reins of our attention, what we’re most in love with is the collection’s accompanying campaign shoot, which is nothing short of regal. If you’re down to take a ride with ASEELA, the collection is now available to shop through