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The Stop Shop Pops Up At Citystars

For a very limited time only, Citystars will be home to a pop-up shop full of high-end vendors that you don't want to miss when The Stop Shop hits the mall this month!

Stop! It's not hammer time, even though we all wish it was. Instead, it's time for The Stop Shop's pop-up store happening for a limited time only at Citystars. What's a pop-up store, you ask? Good question. Somewhat like Disney's Vault - open only for a limited time and full of goodies everybody can't wait to get their hands on - The Stop Shop's pop-up store will only be around on November 26 and 27, from noon to midnight at Citystars' luxury corridor - Phase 1, Level 2 (beside Mont Blanc).
Organised by The Gala Events, the concept behind the pop-up store is that it brings the top posh exhibitors into the high-end venue that is Citystars. What can you expect at this awesome limited-time event? The high-end vendors will include anything from furniture, antiques, home accessories, fashion accessories, shoes, bags - the whole shebang. So no matter what you're up to, make sure you get a chance to drop by this limited time event.
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